Parent to be charged with intimidating Seri Pristana HM 

(MMO) – The SK Seri Pristana shower room-canteen fiasco has resurfaced again following the arrest of a parent who allegedly threatened the headmaster.

Angry parents have raised questions behind the man’s arrest, saying 18 police reports had been made against the headmaster and no action has been taken.

The reports were made after an incident last month whereby non-Muslim pupils had to eat in the shower room of the school.

Yesterday, one of the parents, allegedly involved in highlighting the case, was detained and later released on police bail.

It was learnt that the school headmaster Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor had singled out the 32-year-old parent in an identification parade at the Sungai Buloh police station yesterday afternoon.

Sungai Buloh police chief Supt Junaidi Bujang said the parent was released on police bail about 4.45pm.

“We received three reports of criminal intimidation against the parent — one from the headmaster and two from the teachers. Though we understand he is a concerned parent, we have to do our job.”

He is expected to be charged with criminal intimidation on September 9.

He said 18 reports were lodged against the headmaster — all demanding his termination.

“This is not something within the power of the police to terminate the headmaster from his position. That is up to the Education Ministry,” said Junaidi.

MIC strategic bureau chief S. Vell Paari said it was only fair for the police to carry out their job and urged those concerned to remain patient.

“We will offer the parent legal advice and the representation he requires. We will let the law take its due course. We are confident no action will be taken against the parent as he did not threaten anyone.

“Maybe after this, the parent can sue the headmaster for lodging a false report against him,” he said.

The Seri Pristana school fiasco came to light in July after a parent posted pictures of her child and other students having their meals in an area next to the toilet.

The pictures went viral and created a national uproar. The school had since denied the incident, claiming the students had been using the area temporarily while the canteen was under renovation.