Dr M’s objection to TPPA: Is he really anti-US?


Kenneth Lee, FMT

Truth is not what matters to Mahathir but perception. He wants the Malays to see him as pro-Malay and pro-Islam. With the Umno elections round the corner, and Mukhriz, Muhiyiddin and other Mahathir loyalists seeking to control Umno, Mahathir has become very open in his racist attacks of the Chinese. For a while he was quiet about the US but the TPPA has provided him the perfect opportunity for him to mount his usual anti-US song and dance to further garner support for his faction in Umno.

There is ample evidence to show that Mahathir, in reality is anything but anti-US. US was and is one of the biggest investors and trading partners of Malaysia. Mahathir launched the billion-dollar MSC on the strength and support of major US companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Dell, AMD, DHL, etc.  Malaysia spent billions of dollars on military purchases from the US during Mahathir’s tenure as PM. Mahathir  engaged  and consulted American economic advisors and writers such as Jeffrey Sachs and Naisbit.

Mahathir loves Western lifestyle and now lives in a ‘Swiss’ mansion in the Mines. Mahathir secretly allowed the US military to conduct exercises on Malaysian soil when he was PM  (see Barry Wain’s ‘Malaysian Maverick’). Openly, however, Mahathir has been a vitriolic critic of the US.  But secretly he has been not just a close ally but a lackey of the US. That is why Mahathir is still around because he remains a lackey of the US and is of use to the US in global Islamic matters and the super-power’s interests in Malaysia and the region.

Just consider this. Who is Mahathir compared to the Marcos and Suhartos and other notable dictators of the world in terms of strength, control and influence? They fell or rather the US allowed them to fall when they were no longer of use to the US or their continued dictatorships were no longer tenable. It would have been a kid’s play for the US to destroy Mahathir, the PM of a country which has marginal influence on the world stage in terms of military, political, strategic or economic power.

The US’s track record shows that they would have most certainly done so in response to Mahathir’s regular and often ridiculous out-bursts against the US, unless he served a greater purpose for the US and the open criticisms were merely distractions from the truth that he, Mahathir, was a US lackey.  In order to hide his close links with the US, Mahathir often diverted the people’s attention through his harsh and often illogical  rhetoric against the US and would subsequently make up with the US when the rhetoric goes beyond the limits – e.g.,  Mahathir’s million dollar payment to the Heritage Foundation to meet George Bush in 2002 to “normalise” relationship.

Mahathir, despite his open vitriol against the Jews, is in fact also a close friend of the Jews. Mahathir’s reason for the open animosity for Jews is the same as that applicable to his diatribes of the US – the open animosity is a diversion so that Mahathir’s close relationship with the Jews will not be apparent, and he can continue to deceive the Malays and the Islamic world. Let us look at the facts. Mahathir was a close buddy of Soros (a Jew)  in hedge-fund deals and currency manipulation, later blamed Soros for the financial crisis of 1997/1998 and called him a “moron”, and subsequently  absolved Soros of any responsibility for Malaysia’s financial crisis when Sorosvisited him after his retirement.

Was Mahathir a hypocrite, lambasting first and later embracing and absolving Soros? Mahathir had engaged Saatchi & Saatchi, Goldman Sachs and other Jewish firms for various projects and tasks during his tenure as PM. In fact, he engaged Salmon Smith Barney, a Jewish firm, to advise him on how to manage the financial crisis and implement currency control in 1998.  Mokhzani, Mahathir’s son, worked for Lehman Brothers, a Jewish firm.

Another of Mahathir’s son, Mirzan, worked for Salomon Brothers, another Jewish firm. Prof Jeffrey Sachs from Harvard, one of Mahathir’s top economic advisors, is a Jew. Mahathir (ok, some unknown person) engaged Abramoff, a Jew, to arrange the meeting between Mahathir and George Bush mentioned above. Could Mahathir make an enemy of the Jews (who, according to Mahathir himself, control the world) and still survive, unless he had been granted the leeway?

Mahathir’s Oct 16, 2003 speech at the OIC meeting contained some of the most outrageous statements any leader of a country has made publicly against the US and the Jews. Mahathir explicitly labelled the US and Jews as the enemy of Muslims and said that Muslims need “guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships for our defense.”

How is it that Mahathir is still alive and kicking and can even visit the US after having seriously offended the most powerful nation in the world (the US) and the most powerful people in the world (the Jews), not once but repeatedly? Something to think about. Something that must be clearly explained to the Malays so that they will know the real Mahathir.