Apex court to decide tomorrow on Lingam’s bid

(Bernama) – Tomorrow, lawyer V.K. Lingam (pic) and 24 others will know whether they will face contempt proceedings for alleging plagiarism in a Federal Court written judgment, or succeed in their application to set aside the leave obtained to cite them for contempt.

A five-man Federal Court panel led by Justice Suriyadi Halim Omar set the date to deliver the court’s decision after hearing submissions from counsel and senior federal counsel representing the parties in the matter.

The other judges presiding on the panel were Federal Court judges Ahmad Maarop, Hasan Lah, Zaleha Zahari and Jeffrey Tan Kok Wha.

The panel heard submissions on the application brought by Lingam and 24 others to set aside the leave obtained by liquidators of Kian Joo Holdings Sdn Bhd, Ooi Woon Chee and Ng Kim Tuck, to cite them for contempt.

The court proceedings saw retired Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram in action at the Federal Court, but on the other side of the bench, representing and submitting on behalf of his client, Lingam.