Families want cops charged with murder

Families of deceased says they are not satisfied with the police press statement that the slayed were wanted for murders.

Athi Shankar, FMT

Aggrieved families of the five alleged members of Gang 04 who were gunned down by police on Monday demanded that the authorities haul the shooters to court.

Accompanied by their lawyer, Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer, families of the four deceased have lodged separate police reports but with the same contents at the Jalan Patani police station here.

Only the older Gobinath family did not lodge police report last night.

In their reports, the families said they were not satisfied with the police press statement that the deceased were gang members and were wanted for several murders.

They reported that they saw several bullet marks on the deceased when they were called on to identify the bodies at the forensic centre in Penang Hospital.

“We want the authorities to take firm action on those behind the brutal killing of my son,” said VR Murugasen, 52, father of the deceased Suresh.

Police shot and killed the five during a raid on an apartment unit in Sungai Nibong at 4.30am on Monday.

They were Gobinath Jayasooryam, 31; Ramesh Raganathan, 27; N Rakan, 25; Suresh Murugasen, 25; and Gobinath Myavanam, 21.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar had claimed that the five were notorious gang members involved in 10 murders and two attempted-murder since last year.

Initially, family members said they would not collect the bodies until a second post-mortem has been done.

But they collected the bodies last night after the police assured them that there would be no cover up in the case.

Rayer said the police had informed him and the families that they would not conceal any forensic evidence or facts of the case from them or the public.

“The police assured the families that they would be transparent and truthful in the full forensic report, which should be out in few days time,” said Rayer.

The funerals are expected to be held today according to Hindu rites.