DAP facing life-and-death struggle as BN steps up smear campaign

Lee Shi-Ian, TMI

Following their best ever performance in the recent general election, the DAP is now facing a life-and-death struggle following an intense smear campaign by the Barisan Nasional (BN), and in particular Umno, to destroy the party, said its adviser Lim Kit Siang.

Lim said battle lines had been drawn with the launching of the third phase of Umno/BN’s Destroy/Demonise DAP (DDD) campaign.

“In the past couple of months, propagandists and cybertroopers employed by Barisan Nasional have launched two phases of assault on the DAP,” he said in a media statement.

“The first assault was the ridiculous claim of the DAP-financed Red Bean Army comprising 3,000 cybertroopers. Even more preposterous was the budget cited of between RM100 million and RM1 billion.”

BN had claimed that the Red Bean Army was funded by the DAP over the past six years with the sole purpose of character-assassinating BN and Umno leaders.

“The second assault was the malicious campaign about electoral fraud in the DAP central executive committee (CEC) polls held last December,” he said.

This, Lim added, was followed by accusations from the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen”, who made two major allegations, the first being 753 mostly Indian delegates were not notified of the DAP Congress and second, was the presence of 543 phantom delegates, mostly from Penang.

“Over the two assaults, hundreds of fabricated and deceptive stories and reports have been hatched against the DAP by Umno/BN media tools, especially the New Straits Time (NST) and Utusan Malaysia.

“The party’s decision to call for a CEC re-election is to pre-empt the Registrar of Societies from further abusing its power by de-registering the party if fresh polls were not called.”

The DAP adviser further added that despite the party’s announcement of fresh polls, the DDD campaign against the DAP is still on-going.