‘Guns Are Cheap, It’s The Courier Fee That Costs More’


(Malaysian Digest) – Firearms are relatively easy to smuggle into the country from Thailand, according to a source from Gang 04.

According to him, pistols are available for as low as RM300, and can be smuggled into the country for RM2,000 to RM4,000 per firearm.

“It is the bribe or the price you pay to smuggle it in that is expensive, depending on the type of gun you purchase.

Asked whether a gang leader’s orders to his followers to participate in gang fights had to be complied with, the source said: “Triad members are people who can be considered brave enough to risk their lives above anything else.”

He added that once a gangster displayed his capabilities, he would earn the right to lead.

“It all then boils down to money. The more you have or manage to make, the more powerful and fearsome you become.

“Most are, of course, illegal activities because it is hard for gangsters like us to earn money the right way.

“The risk is definitely high, but drug pushers will be rewarded with a handsome return,” he said.

Some gangs even resort to robbery or abduction for fast money.

“Murder is also among the top underworld jobs to earn some cash. You can end someone’s life for as low as RM3,000 and a more professional job comes with a higher price,” the source said.