Sabah DAP questions Hiew’s move to quit as state party adviser

(The Star) – Sabah DAP is questioning Luyang assemblyman Hiew King Cheu’s move to quit as the state party adviser.

Describing the move as an overreaction to the party’s disciplinary action against him, Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong questioned why Hiew could not wait until the party’s state committee meeting on Monday to voice his grouses.

Asked about talk that Hiew’s resignation was a prelude to him quitting DAP altogether, Wong said: “I don’t want to speculate but I hope and pray he does not have a personal agenda.”
Wong said the disciplinary move against Hiew was an internal party matter and no action had been taken against him (Hiew) as yet.

“These things could have been sorted out internally and I don’t understand why he had to go public with it,” he added.

Hiew announced his resignation on Monday after the DAP disciplinary committee issued him a show cause letter for backing a proposal for Tamparuli assemblyman Datuk Wilfred Bumburing to be the state assembly Opposition leader.

(The job eventually went to Klias state assemblyman Datuk Lajim Ukin, the Sabah PKR chief.)

Hiew said he was quitting as Sabah DAP adviser as he was disappointed with the party’s four elected state representatives for seeking disciplinary action against him over the issue. 

He said he felt he was no longer required as an adviser as important party matters were no longer brought to his attention and discussed by members before decisions were made.