The other side of PM Najib Tun Razak

FMT LETTER: From Huan Cheng Guan, via e-mail

Which Prime Minister in the country has never uttered negative words against political parties or people? It is Najib who took over as PM at a political crossroad during GE12. Even though the Opposition has been going for the jugular to weaken his repute and prestige,  Najib has delivered his promises in his commitment to serve the country and people.

He approved the Economic Transformation Programme, the Government Transformation Programme, and the 1Malaysia concept not because of glitz or glamour but for long-term progress beyond his reign of power.

His effort to repeal ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act shows his sincere belief in democracy. He could have clamped down on NGOs and activists in the post-Bersih period but chose otherwise to uphold freedom of expression and assembly.

Today, his timely reminder that Umno members should avoid money politics to protect the party’s image during its internal elections this October is evidence of his stand against corruption.

Poisoned by opposition propaganda, many have a negative perspective of our PM despite the fact that the government has distributed the Bantuan Rakayt 1Malaysia twice since its inception and the third disbursement coming later this year (to be gradually increased to RM1,200). More than 5.2 million households or 79.5% of all households in the country have benefited from this scheme. Opposingly, the Opposition has only given broken promises to the rakyat and brickbats for the government.

The latest Global Economic Conditions Survey (GECS) revealed Malaysia is enjoying improved economic conditions and rising business confidence following the surge in infrastructure spending. In fact, the recent general election has lifted Malaysia’s economy in the second quarter.

The report also stated that Malaysia is experiencing an improvement investment opportunities while cash flow pressures eased. Apart from that, 37% of businesses (up from 32%) reported confidence gains spelling a more robust recovery for the country.

While critics lambast the Prime Minister’s spending for the rakyat no thanks to Opposition propaganda, Malaysia ACCA head Jennifer Lopez said much of the capacity growth was fueled by government spending.

Globally, many are ignorant that the GECS found both business confidence and optimism on the economy continuing to rise in the second quarter of this year, with nearly half of the GECs (47%) feeling that the state of the economy was improving.

This is the highest level of optimism on the national and global economies in two years and the strongest year-on-year improvement in three years. Do you hear PM Najib boasting about this? His elegant silence stems from the fact that all he did has been for the rakyat.

When things go wrong, all fingers point to our PM but when the country enjoys growth, many choose to look the other way. It is time we see the other side of Najib – the real Prime Minister and not the image painted by his enemies – and give him credit and respect.