Karpal’s soon-to-be-released book was 26 years in the making

(The Star) – Veteran politician Karpal Singh’s biography, Tiger of Jelutong, will make its debut soon.

The DAP chairman Karpal Singh said the book, written by New Zealand writer Tim Donoghue, will be launched in Kuala Lumpur soon.

“It took 26 years to complete and it has 325 pages. The book will also be available overseas,” he said.

Karpal with his book Tiger of Jelutong.

Karpal with his book Tiger of Jelutong.

He said that the book was completed in 1999 and was ready for publication but he lost in the then election.

“I told him the tiger is dead or was half dead and the book can wait for a better time.”

“So in 2004 when I won in the elections, he called me up. (The book project) started again and was updated with more events,” he said.

The book recorded the various issues and events in Karpal’s life and the major cases he covered.