Use Syariah law to charge dog trainer, urges Perkasa

Mohd Farhan Darwis, TMI

There is no letting up in the calls to prosecute dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof, with Perkasa joining in the fray urging that Syariah laws be used against her.

The Malay rights group said Maznah’s refusal to apologise for her actions in the controversial video “1 Hari di Hari Raya”, where she is seen bathing her dogs in a manner similar to the Muslims performing ablution, is bound to be a bad example to young Muslims.

“She has to be checked for her flawed view of  Islam,” said Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali (pic).

“She has held on to the belief that she did not commit a crime for washing her dogs and intentionally touching the wet dogs,” said Syed Hassan.

Maznah, otherwise known as Chetz, was remanded for two days at the Segamat police station last week to facilitate investigations for causing disharmony among religions through her video. She was later released on bond.

Perkasa said they would not accept an apology from Maznah nor would they forgive her even if she did apologise.

“Jakim needs to clarify the issue of Muslims touching, cuddling and bathing dogs,” Syed Hassan said in reference to the Department of Islamic Development.

“Perkasa is worried that if this is not explained, more young Muslims would go about taking their dogs for a walk in the park, cuddling and kissing these pet dogs,” he told The Malaysian Insider.