Strip Namewee of his citizenship, demands Perkasa

Trinna Leong, TMI

Malay rights group Perkasa has demanded that rapper and filmmaker Namewee’s (pic) citizenship be revoked over his criticisms against the government and for allegedly issuing racial comments.

Deputy president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar said it had lodged countless police reports against Namewee but the Attorney-General had done nothing.

“We urge the authorities to stop being soft towards Namawee. He has insulted the national anthem, flag and yet nothing was done,” he said today at a press conference to highlight Namewee’s latest YouTube clip.

Wee Meng Chee, Namawee’s legal name, uploaded the clip entitled Tokok: 017 Double Standard last week where he criticised the government for practising double standards against the Chinese.

The Muslim NGO now no longer wants an apology from the rapper.

“He has insulted our race, religion and culture. There is no sense of respect at all. If we let this slide and just settle for an apology, issues like this would repeat itself,” said Abdul Rahman.

“We have given him too much leeway to do what he wants.”

The right-wing group also urged the AG to be quick with charging non-Malays.

“When it comes to Malays, the AG is quick to take action but with non-Malays, they are just left alone,” he said.