Mazlan gets 6,000 letters about Anwar!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.jpg 

(NST) – ANONYMOUS SENDER: Opposition leader alleged to have paid RM50m to Karpal

BUKIT MERTAJAM: FORMER Barisan Nasional candidate for Permatang Pauh in the last general election, Dr Mazlan Ismail, revealed yesterday he had received more than 6,000 letters sent to his house containing allegations involving opposition figures Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Karpal Singh.

He told a news conference that the letters had almost similar content outlining the allegations.

“I received over 6,000 letters on the matter over the past week addressed to my house in Penanti.”

Mazlan, who is also former Penang Pas deputy commissioner, said he did not know the identity of the sender or senders.

He said each letter was eight pages long and contained allegations as well as copies of savings account numbers of various banks and amounts belonging to Anwar.

“I believe the individual wants me to be the go-between to expose Anwar’s dealings with Karpal.

“The person wants to expose that Anwar had paid more than RM50 million via cheques to Karpal since 2008.

“He had claimed that besides settling legal fees, the amount was also to allegedly bribe judges and prosecutors.

“I believe similar letters containing the same allegations against Anwar and Karpal must have already been in circulation in Permatang Pauh.”

He said he would send copies of the letters to Karpal’s office next week.

“I believe Karpal and Anwar will want to clarify the matter.

Karpal said Mazlan’s allegation were baseless.

“The allegations are not true at all. No such incident has taken place.

“Mazlan should prepare for the consequences,” Karpal said.

Efforts to reach Anwar or his aides were unsuccessful.