Ban Syiah books

The government should also have more detention depots to cater for the rising number of illegals detained.

(Bernama) – The Home Ministry was been urged to immediately ban printed materials such as books and novels written by Syiah followers on the deviant religious doctrine.

Senator Noriah Mahat said the ministry should also take stern action against any such individual so that their writings would not erode the faith of Muslims in the true teachings of Islam.

“If it is not controlled, I fear for young Muslims because they could be easily influenced by Syiah teachings as they are a curious lot,” she said when debating on the Supplementary Supply Bill (2012) 2013 in the Dewan Negara yesterday.

Noriah said she meanwhile supported all efforts by the Home Ministry in combating Syiah activities in the country, whereby the government had already banned the Malaysia Shia Organisation based on Section 5, of the Societies Act 1966.

On another matter, Noriah suggested that the government increase the number of detention depots to cater for the rising number of illegals detained before being repatriated.

“Considering that the number of illegals has reached 1.3 million (as at August 2012), surely we need more detention depots for the illegals to avoid congestion,” she said.

She added that urgent action was required to solve the presence of so many illegals in the country due to the arising problems which could affect security and order in the country.