Anwar to testify in Sabah RCI

The PKR de facto leader also did not announce the much speculated new Sabah PKR line-up said to be led by Lajim Ukin.

Luke Rintod, FMT

PKR supremo, Anwar Ibrahim, today said he is ready to testify before the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

“I am ready to testify before the RCI. Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the authority in Kuala Lumpur for the RCI to fix the date I am to appear and I will come here,” he told a press conference here soon after a breaking-of-fast dinner with PKR leaders in a hotel here.

The opposition leader, who was at one time a deputy prime minister and deputy Umno president, said he would share with the RCI hearing whatever information that was available to him while he was in Umno.

Anwar arrived in KK late this afternoon and went straight to a meeting with his Sabah PKR liasion committee at the hotel.

Also present at the meeting were state party chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, as well as PKR assemblymen including Lajim Ukin, Wilfred Bumburing, Christina Liew, Jelani Hamdan, Jeremy Uku Malajad and Terence Siambun.

Flanked by Lajim and Ahmad Thamrin, the charismatic top leader of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) also revealed that the party would decide on a new line-up of Sabah PKR a month from today.

“Today’s meeting held that Thamrin would continue as Sabah liaison chief until the party headquarters decides on a new line-up next month,” he said.

Anwar also said that he had advised the party leadership here to also give roles to senior leaders especially Lajim for him to help strengthen PKR programme in the state.