Zero Support For ABIS Kucing

The people at the Bahagian and Cawangan levels are getting totally fed up with the PM and his entire team.  Dont say I did not warn you. 

OutSyed the Box

Boy the Buka Puasa rounds are getting really hot this time around.  

Yesterday one topic of discussion  was “The support level for the Prime Minister is effectively zero”. And this is coming from Gomen people. Not Opposition people.

I am merely reporting what I heard ok. Ini bukan saya cakap. Ini orang lain cakap. Saya dengar saja. Dan orang yang cakap ni semua bukan calang-calang punya orang. 

And here is a joke that has gone around  – it has been suggested to a Gomen think tank to have a seminar on “How Long Do You Think The PM Will Last?”  Ha ha ha. isnt that funny? Ha ha ha.

Earlier yesterday I received a phone call from a pro-PM Blogger and then also met with a pro-UMNO Blogger. 

The pro-PM Blogger asked, ‘Syed is it true the (pro-UMNO) Bloggers are planning to overthrow Najib?’ 

My answer was, ‘Obviously you have been reading the pro-UMNO Blogs’. Because without a doubt many of the more relevant pro-UMNO Blogs are now up in arms against the presiden.  Kalau tak caya go and read them yourself. I dont have to say anything.

Then the pro-UMNO Blogger I met spoke about ABIS Kucing. What is ABIS Kucing? Do read on. 

It appears that the only guys supporting the party presiden now are the close cronies, the con-sultans who are also con-men,  some of the Pemuda guys, the morons who run the GLCs and the Billionaires Club aka the Cabinet.  

(By the way there is another scandal involving the GLCs on the front pages today. Nanti I tulis sikit. Tak habis-habis depa punya scandal.)  

All these people who support the PM form the ‘Angkatan Sida’. They are the PM’s ‘cojones carriers‘. The late MGG Pillai’s (of Sangkancil) sidekick Bala had an interesting phrase for these folks : “the cojones hangers”.  (I think if the PM goes, the ‘cojones carriers’ and ‘cojones hangers’ will switch camps overnite).  

Other than the Angkatan Sida the support for Najib Tun Razak as party president and Prime Minister is effectively zero.

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