SK Seri Pristana whistleblower lodges police report over threats 

(The Malaysian Insider) – Even more damning is another request by a user known as Asmadi Axass who told Guneswari to return to her homeland and stop disturbing the natives. 

The whistle-blower who exposed the case of students being made to eat in a school shower room is now facing threats to her life.

The woman who chose to be identified only as Guneswari said the threats against  her appeared on Facebook – the very medium she used to show how SK Seri Pristana was treating its non-Muslim pupils.

Fearing for her life, and that of her daughter’s, Guneswari has lodged a police report.

She told The Malaysian Insider that the threats involved kidnapping and locking up both herself and her daughter.

“These people did not identify themselves and I am afraid they would do something to my daughter,” she added.

Recounting her decision to post the pictures on Facebook, the exasperated mother said she had resorted to it as the school administration failed to respond to her queries.

“How else am I supposed to express my concerns? Can’t they understand this?” questioned Guneswari in response to her tormentors.

Her Facebook photos stunned netizens who picked it up and shared it, resulting in a social media storm.

Her post and photos had up to yesterday evening received over 600 comments.

Many applauded while there were others who criticised and threatened her.

Netizens who hurled negative feedback had mostly made racist remarks, asking Guneswari and other non-Muslim parents to send their children to a vernacular school if they are unhappy with SK Seri Pristana, the school involved in the controversy.

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