Don’t allow fanaticism to thrive

I also remember having Muslim families over at our homes during Christmas and we would return the gesture at Hari Raya. But at some point the food on our table didn’t seem “clean” enough, and slowly the tradition of visiting each other died off amidst growing suspicion and discomfort.

Maria J Dass,

AFTER a blissful week in Krabi, I returned to home to news of Muslim women being booted out of beauty pageants and non-Muslim pupils being allegedly made to eat in the shower room during Ramadan.
And although I do not agree with the actions of the Alvivi’s Ramadan Bak Kut Teh Facebook post, it does open up wounds and remind us of those so-called leaders and former members of Parliament who are allowed to get off scot-free with statements hurtful to sections of society.
These leaders are allowed to roam the streets and continue spewing venom that divides society, while the two infamous sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee are charged for publishing indecent photographs, promoting enmity among the races and sedition.