Canteen In Changing Room , FACTS That You Should Know 

There is always other side of the coin. 

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I had a bad experience of not being allowed to explain on my side when there was once an issue arise. Since then , I always start to see things from different perspective prior judging something. With all fairness , I would like to share some info about the school, SK Pristana which came under fire by many Netizen today.

I have visited the school just now and here are the findings :


  • The school canteen was facing problem in accommodating 350 students who go for recess at same time. This was happening since January 2013

  • The students were siting around the canteen (perimeter) as the canteen is small and could not cater all of them

  •  The HM who saw this decided to use one of the changing room which is located FEW meters RIGHT in front of the canteen. 

  • This changing room which were equipped with chairs and tables has been operating SINCE March 2013 and not recently as claimed by some blogs. This was an initiative taken by HM to avoid pupil from sitting around the canteen under hot sun.

  • Until the beginning of Ramadhan ALL students including Malays were using this room as their ‘canteen’

  • There is NO..I repeat NO.. toilet located anywhere near by the changing room (currently used) . There is NO toilet located in 30 meter radius. There are only two changing rooms for male and female respectively located side by side as per pic below

  • You can argue why there is sign of ‘ Tandas’ here.. well that is not ‘tandas’. It is changing room. There is NO toilet bowl at all and if you watch closely the student is actually taking out shoe to enter the ‘Tandas’.The shoes are out there..why?? Anyone who goes to toilet does that? In which school? 

  • HM decided to use one of the changing room (male) bcs it has facilities like water supply. It is also placed very near to the canteen as in few meters. The female changing room are also placed with tables and chairs but not being used at the moment. Let me repeat there is no Toilet nearby the ‘canteen’. 

  • Some people asked ‘Why not used classrooms or library?’ The temporary room has better facilities..water…sinks… and placed just few meters in front canteen..Classrooms and library dont have all these..and located far from canteen. Since my day of schooling we dont practice eating inside classroom…

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