Former DAP man claims 547 ‘phantom voters’ at party elections

(The Star) – Former Bagan Luar DAP branch chairman G. Asoghan has claimed that 547 people were brought in to pose as delegates during the party elections and coerced to vote for six candidates for top party posts.

The candidates were party adviser Lim Kit Siang, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, chairman Karpal Singh, secretary Chong Chieng Jin, national organising secretary Anthony Loke and activist Vincent Wu Him Ven. 

Asoghan, a sacked DAP member, made the accusation during a press conference here Saturday based on a 16-page booklet titled “Equity Report (Central Executive Committee Election Fraud)” compiled by a ‘Father Augustus Chen’. 

“Is it true that the 547 phantom voters, who were mostly from Penang were brought in to vote for the top six party leaders?

“Lim and Loke should explain the matter to the party members,” he said. 

Asoghan claimed that the 547 phantom voters could have attended the party elections as observers. 

“We want the party to reveal the list of delegates who attended the elections,” he added. 

Asoghan was sacked from DAP last April for standing in Bagan Dalam as an independent candidate during the 13th general election.  


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