Chinese hypocrisy at its best (UPDATED with Chinese translation)

In that case you are just admitting that what the two ‘sex Bloggers’ did is an act of retaliation. Fine, if that is what was intended then just say so. Declare “we provoked and mocked the Malays with this halal pork stunt as a tit-for-tat for Ibrahim Ali giving out white angpows to the Chinese on Chinese New Year.”


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Dear RPK,

It appears that you are really agitated by the alvivi couple who did a stupid act. How the authorities or others (including yourself) respond to it truly shows their perspective of the matter. Burning of holy books, stomping of cow head, speaking and writing hate on a daily basis, to wish the living to go RIP (white angpows) if it doesn’t agitate you more then you are no different than those who perpetrate them.

The action of the couple is inexcusable but to pass judgment before the courts decide shows a deeper and hidden hatred beyond the stupid act itself.

I am also truly surprised that during the current month you have no self-restraint in uttering foul language.



Wrong. I am not bothered about what the two ‘sex Bloggers’ did. I know that they did what they did on purpose. And so do all of you. This was not something unintentional.

In fact, the two have admitted in their video (SEE HERE) that Bak Kut Teh is made from kinzir (pigs). So they knew what they were doing and they also knew that this is a sensitive issue to Muslims — added to the fact they placed a JAKIM ‘halal’ logo to suggest that the pork is ‘halal’.

I would never dream of uploading my picture showing me eating a beef burger and then wish the Hindus “Happy Deepavali” with the caption “Yummy! Want to taste my beef burger? It’s halal beef”, and then inset a JAKIM halal logo beside it.

Then, when the Hindus get upset, I defend my action by saying, “Hey! Beef burgers can also be made from chicken or fish. There are chicken beef burgers. There are also fish beef burgers. So why get upset?”

There are no chicken beef burgers or fish beef burgers. These would be called chicken burgers or fish burgers. So whom are you trying to con by saying Bak Kut Teh can also be made with chicken? Chicken Bak Kut Teh is called Chik Kut Teh. And don’t try to con me by saying that I am wrong.

“Oh, but we never knew that,” you say. “This is the first time we ever heard about Chik Kut Teh. In fact, even the Chinese Bak Kut Teh sellers do not know that.”

Have you ever heard the saying that ignorance is not a defence? If you were a lawyer you would certainly have.

So I am not bothered about what those two ‘sex Bloggers’ did. After all, they have apologised for what they did. And I must admit that their Bahasa Malaysia is pretty good. And because of their apology (which I published today in Malaysia Today — which means I have graciously given them space in my site), and in good Bahasa Malaysia on top of that (which I commend them greatly for mastering the country’s National Language), I consider this matter closed.

Do I think they should be punished? Since they admitted what they did without giving any stupid excuses — such as “the Bak Kut Teh is not pork but chicken so why get so upset?” — and then making an unconditional apology, I would say there is no reason to punish them. They have admitted what they did and they beg forgiveness. So let us accept their apology and forgive them.

So what bothers me then? What bothers me is the hypocrisy of those arguing the case in defense of what the two ‘sex Bloggers’ have done.

“Bak Kut Teh can also be made with chicken.”

“Why punish them when others are not punished?”

“Why are Malays so sensitive?”

That is what bothers me. It just demonstrates the extremely high level of hypocrisy amongst the Chinese.

Then you cite the Ibrahim Ali episode — as what May said: “to wish the living to go RIP (white angpows)” — to justify what those two ‘sex Bloggers’ did. So, did the two ‘sex Bloggers’ do what they did as retaliation for what Ibrahim Ali did?

In that case you are just admitting that what the two ‘sex Bloggers’ did is an act of retaliation. Fine, if that is what was intended then just say so. Declare “we provoked and mocked the Malays with this halal pork stunt as a tit-for-tat for Ibrahim Ali giving out white angpows to the Chinese on Chinese New Year.”

Is this the case? Then say it!

Did Ibrahim Ali do what he did on purpose to send a message to the Chinese to go and die — “to wish the living to go RIP”, as what May said? Is this not a distortion of events and downright mischievous of you?

Ibrahim Ali, together with some Chinese, gave out angpows to a few Chinese old folks on Chinese New Year. There were more people than he had anticipated and he soon ran out of red packets. He then asked his people to quickly get more envelopes and they ran off and came back with white envelopes and started filling them with money — after which Ibrahim Ali then continued giving them out until everyone present had received an angpow.

Now, was this planned? Was this premeditated? Did Ibrahim Ali purposely plan to insult the Chinese recipients of these angpows by giving them white angpows as a sort of message, as what May said, “to go and die”?

Ibrahim Ali was escorted by his Chinese friends. Why did they not tell Ibrahim Ali you do not give out white angpows on Chinese New Year? White angpows are for funerals. Better he just hand them cash without envelopes if he has run out of red packets rather than use white envelopes.

I pride myself in knowing the Chinese. I worked and trained under Hakka Chinese mechanics. I ‘ran’ with the Chinese Long Foo Thong of Petaling Street. Most of my friends are Chinese (plus Malays and Indians of course). My wife is Chinese.

To be honest, I was more Chinese than Malay in my younger days and would go eat ‘black tahu’ (pork blood) at Pudu and the best chasiu fan at Petaling Street. I could swear in any Chinese dialect and would spend much of my time in Mah Jong parlours. I even had a Chinese name: Chap Chong Chai.

But do you know that in spite of my ‘Chineseness’ I did not know — until Ibrahim Ali’s white angpow episode — that white angpows on Chinese New Year is bad luck and taboo?

So, yes, even I was not aware of that even though I pride myself in being more Chinese than some Chinese themselves. So can you blame Ibrahim Ali for being ignorant of this fact (in spite of ignorance being no defense)?

More importantly, those Chinese who were there with Ibrahim Ali should have known. Why did they not educate Ibrahim Ali regarding this fact?

And now you keep harping on this issue and use this issue to argue in defense of the Bak Kut Teh with the JAKIM halal logo stunt. Ibrahim Ali did not know he was doing something offensive. Even I did not know the implications of the white angpows. The two ‘sex Bloggers’, however, did know the implications of their act. They admitted they did and begged forgiveness.

So what stunt are you people trying to pull here? Why all this bullshit? You take us for fools or what? You intentionally do something that you know is wrong and then scream “Why are the Malays so sensitive?” What bloody nonsense is this?

Okay, so Ibrahim Ali intentionally insulted the Chinese. So now we can also intentionally insult the Malays. An eye for an eye, as the Christians would say. Or would it be if we adopt an eye for an eye then the whole world will be blind, as Gandhi said?

Let me assure you that with the Chinese demonstrating this type of attitude Umno is going to remain in power long after you all are dead and buried in your graves.





那根本就沒有什麽所謂的雞肉牛漢堡和魚肉牛漢堡。這些都會被稱為雞肉漢堡或魚漢堡。那麼,你以爲你可以狡辯說肉骨茶也可以用雞肉來煮的?雞肉肉骨茶被稱為雞骨茶Chik Kut Teh,所以不要試圖狡辯說是我錯了。

“哦,但我們從來不知道,這是我們第一次聽說過Chik Kut Teh事實上,即使肉骨茶的華人小販也不知道這一點”你會說。


所以我不會為這兩個“性博客”做的事情感到困擾畢竟他們已經道歉還有我必須承認,他們的馬來文是相當不錯的。因為他們道歉(我今天在MT上載了他們的道歉視頻— 這意味著我已很大方地‘借出’我網站空間的一部分給他們),在加上他們良好的馬來文(我他們掌握國國家語言的能力讚揚),我認為這件事已經結束







然後你舉出伊不拉欣阿里Ibrahim Ali 之前的故事就像以上May所講的白包來祝賀活人死得安心”– 來這兩個性博客”扳平。所以,請問這的動作是爲了要報復Ibrahim Ali 之前的舉動嗎?

在這種情況下,你承認兩個“性博客”的舉動確實是報復行為。那好,如果他們的意圖的話那他們直説就好了他們只需要聲明“我們此清真豬肉嘲笑馬來人的動作正是爲了報復Ibrahim Ali農曆新年時給華人白包。”


Ibrahim Ali的那一場鬧劇–“以白包來祝賀活人死得安心”真的就像May所講的是他故意的嗎?難道不是你們欲加其罪,徹頭徹尾的炒作嗎?

Ibrahim Ali當時和一些華人在為老人們送紅包但出席的人比他預期的更多,所以他很快地就把紅包給派完了。他叫他的手下迅速地去尋找信封,他們拿了白色信封回來開始裝錢–Ibrahim Ali繼續地把那些信封發給老人們,直到在場的每一個人都獲得了所謂的紅包

現在,你來告訴我,都事先計劃好的嗎?這是有預謀的嗎?Ibrahim Ali是不是故意策劃侮辱這些華人,像May所講的一樣以白包來叫這些(老人們)“去死”

Ibrahim Ali當時是由他的華人朋友陪同的,為什麼他們不告訴他不可以在農曆新年裏發出白色紅包呢白包是在葬禮上才用到的所以如果他已經用完紅包他更好的方法是直接給現金而不是給白包。



但是你知道,儘管我很‘華人’,我不知道白包在華人新年裏是個禁忌和被視爲會帶來壞運氣的?我是在Ibrahim Ali那場鬧劇發生以後才知道的。

是的,即使這個比一些華人更華人的人也不知道這個禁忌,所以你能怪Ibrahim Ali對這一事的無知(儘管我之前是有說過‘無知不是一种防衛’

更重要的是,當時陪同Ibrahim Ali的華人應該是知道的,為什麼他們不教Ibrahim Ali

現在你一而再地重提這個課題,並使用這個課題來爭論這標上JAKIM清真標誌肉骨茶的對錯。Ibrahim Ali他當時並不知道他正做著錯的事情。即使我不知道白包的意義現在,這兩個“性博客”是知道他們的舉動的背後意義的。他們承認他們所做,並懇求寬恕。


好吧,Ibrahim Ali故意侮辱華人的,所以現在我們也可以故意侮辱馬來。以牙嘛就像是基督徒會說。或者是如聖雄甘地所說的,如果所有人都那全世界人都會死光?