Chinese Doctors Refusing to see Non-Chinese Patients at Government Hospitals Not New

I was refused treatment at one of the main government hospitals by a Chinese doctor. 


I was not at all surprised to read the complaint about Chinese doctors refusing to see non-Chinese patients in Penang.


I was refused treatment at one of the main government hospitals by a Chinese doctor. I was referred to him for the first time. I told him I was daily in great pain for several hours a day.


He asked me what I did when I had the pains. I replied I took the medicine prescribed by the previous doctor and had to lie down and that the pain took several hours almost, six hours to subside.


I was shocked when he told me, “Then you are alright, lah.” He prescribed some medicine and told me that I need not see him again.


To make matters worse, he prescribed the wrong medicine for me. He prescribed medicine for asthma, which I also suffer from and am receiving treatment from another doctor. He did not prescribe medicine for the complaint I went to see him.


Having gone to the hospital pharmacy, I had to return to try and get the prescription changed. It was with great difficulty that I managed to get to see him again. Not surprisingly, we have all heard of the legendary rudeness of the nurses at government hospitals.


The doctor gave me a look of great distaste and without a word wrote me a new prescription.


I did make an official complaint but the director of the hospital defended him.


There definitely are Chinese doctors who are reluctant to see non-Chinese patients.


As the authorities are turning a blind eye to such unethical behaviour, I would be grateful if someone either from the Barisan or Pakatan can tell me what other options are open to me to get justice and proper medical treatment.