Kelantan Umno grooming ulama as leaders for next elections

(Bernama) – Kelantan Umno is nurturing a second echelon of leaders from among ulama (religious scholars) in preparation for the 14th general election five years from now.

Kelantan liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said it was identifying potential leaders to take up positions in the party’s divisions.

“We want to bring up as many of these leaders as possible,” he told reporters after breaking fast and handing over contributions at the Bukit Nangka Umno Complex in Jeli last night.

He added that the 2,204 Umno branches in Kelantan will hold their delegates meetings between July 16 and August 31 while the 14 Umno divisions are to do so after Hari Raya, which is likely to fall on August 8.