Pakatan: Be a Responsible Opposition; No ARAB SPRING Please 

A person who takes part, loses then complains is commonly referred to as a sore loser.


GE 2013 is over. The new government is in place and things should have returned to normalcy.

But Pakatan and its cohorts refuse to allow this by refusing to accept the results and are bent on street protests, and disrupting the peace and stability in the country.


The rules to decide the winner of the elections in Malaysia has been established and accepted by all since independence. Due to our history, we follow the Westminister model as do most commonwealth countries. The winner is the party that gains the most seats.

DAP and Pas have taken part in so many Malaysian Elections, in the past they accepted the decision that the party with the most seats is the winner. There was no mention of winning the popular vote. Even in 2008, there was no talk of  the popular vote. The party that won over the most seats was declared the winner.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when he was a member of Barisan Nasional was happy to accept the results and there was no attempt to question how elections should be decided in Malaysia.

When he was Deputy Prime Minister he was no doubt waiting rather impatiently for THE election that would see him appointed Prime Minister of Malaysia. His burning desire to be Prime Minister was too obvious and many say it was one reason why he was sacked from the government.

The current situation created by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is akin to two players competing in a competition. Can the player who lost say he will not accept the results, claiming the spectators clapped the loudest for him? A wise player would study the rules of the game before playing. If he does not agree to the rules, he would discuss it and try to change the rules before the competition. If he cannot get the rules changed, he would not take part in the competition.

A person who takes part, loses then complains is commonly referred to as a sore loser. One would be more indulgent if the loser was a child and try to teach him the importance of sportsmanship and accepting defeat gracefully.

But when it is a petulant 65 year old man, what can we say but that ‘most Malaysians are fed up with your antics and rallies. Just grow up and play your role as Leader of Opposition responsibly, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’

Pakatan please note: most Malaysians, including many of the 51% whom you claim voted for you cherish peace and do not want to see street battles, bombs and blood shed.