Dr M: Law cannot be drafted, abolished on mere demands


(fz.com) – The problem in not the law, but the people who are abusing the law.” 

A law cannot be simply drafted or abolished following demands from certain quarters, including the opposition, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. 
In fact, he said a study must be carried out to collect input and opinions from various quarters, or other countries which had enforced or abolished such and act, as well its impacts. 
“If we bow to the demands of the opposition, there will be no law. Right now, they are demanding to have a rule of law, but if there’s no law, how can we have a rule of law,” he told reporters after launching Naza World Cup Asia Paintball (NWCAP) 2013 here yesterday. 
He said this in response to the demands made by certain quarters to abolish the Sedition Act 1948. 
Mahathir said if the Act were to be abolished, the people would be free to do anything or insult anybody. 
“We used to have a courteous society where we don’t easily insult people, but now, we have people easily bad-mouthing us, insulting our religion and our Prophet, but we can do nothing about it. 
“The problem in not the law, but the people who are abusing the law,” he added.