A Malay country

KTemoc Konsiders

Dina Zaman’s article Something to think about in the Malay Mail Online (drawn to my attention by RPK’s Malaysia Today) provides irrefutable statistics on the Malay voting dominance. The statistics is quite logical when it’s common knowledge that bumiputeras constitute 65% of Malaysia’s population.

However, UMNO’s hardliners might not have liked two facts from above:

(1) disregarding the Malays who voted for non-Malay candidates, most of them voted not just for UMNO but also PAS and (the Malay candidates in) PKR, which has been why there were umpteen overtures to PAS on ‘Malay Unity’.

It’s also interesting to note that when DAP emerged from GE-13 with 38 seats, some in UMNO (perhaps with their leaders’ approval or even prompting) ‘tested the waters with their toes’ in slyly hinting to DAP to join BN. Karpal Singh cheekily suggested that UMNO join Pakatan instead.

But it’s a succinct demonstration that in politics there is no permanent friend or foe, where one day UMNO may propose Malay Unity and the next, Malaysian Unity.

Also see my pre GE-13 post Will DAP become another MCA?

(2) not all 65% bumiputeras are Malays (only 50% are).

Nonetheless, the point we can gather is that Malays will continue to dominate the politics of Malaysia and a Malay was, is and will be the Prime Minister of our country, not that we ever need statistics to inform us of the political reality, nor we worry about this issue, since many Chinese supported Anwar as the alternative PM during GE-13.

Thus, political scientist Wahabuddin Ra’ees, who wrote Malays must dominate political leadership in Malaysiakini doesn’t ever have to worry about Chinese usurping political powers in Malaysia.