What was it like as a non-Malay student in a Mara Junior Science College?



Tun Dr Mahathir would like us to believe that all Chinese are racists, when in fact, we are just reacting to racist policies set by BN (as in Umno) leaders. The truth hurts, but still we need to know and understand what’s like to be on the receiving end of unfair racial discrimination.
As long as we still have leaders who suggested that if we are unhappy with our political system, we should migrate; and that the best way to beat competition in education is to have separate systems, then we are no where near solving our real problems. The following is an interview being forwarded in an email:

JBU interviews Justin Tan, a Malaysian based in Singapore.

JBU: What is your background (age, hometown, profession)?
Justin: I am 35 year old, originates from Kampar, Perak, currently working as a medical doctor in Singapore.

JBU: When did you emigrate from Malaysia?
Justin: I emigrated from Malaysia in October 2008.

JBU: Why did you emigrate from Malaysia?
Justin: I have a story to tell about myself. This is what happened to me that I do not want to recur to any other Malaysians, ever again.

I was born in Kampar, Perak. This is a small town that I had my early education. I had a lot of fun childhood memories in this town. I was among the top in my class since primary school and early secondary school. Due to my academic results, I was accepted in Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) in 1993. I remember there was about 13 MRSM nationwide in 1993. I was accepted to the college in Terengganu, one of the best MRSM in the country.

To those who may not know what MRSM is. MRSM is a full boarding school, managed by MARA agency, especially built to nurture elite Bumiputra students. Good Malay Students are selected into this school. MRSM has full facilities, with the best teachers, in the college to teach the group of elite students. You cannot imagine how many hundred times of allocation to one MRSM a year, paid by government, compared to the normal national school.

In 1993, I was among the few non-Bumiputras being selected into this school. During my intake, there were about 300 over Malay students, 3 Chinese and 3 Indians. I was one of the three Chinese being selected into this elite school.

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