The 10 Reasons Why Generation-Y Is Soft 

(Elite Daily) – It’s about damn time that our generation takes a look at itself and actually realizes that it’s time to grow up. We are the most coddled generation in history and it is apparent in both our work ethic and our outlook on life. We expect things to be hand delivered to us and we love attention and praise for doing what is required of us.

We are easily one of the softest generations in history and it is time we address this issue now before it gets too out of hand. If we want to change the way things are moving for our generation, we have to break old habits that are keeping us down. Sometimes these habits and thoughts were put into our minds by our parents and our society, but we’ve got to man up and to take initiative before we develop into a bunch of soft whine-y babies. Here are the 10 reasons why this generation is soft:

We are used to being spoon fed everything.

Everything is too convenient for our generation, our parents are not the only ones at fault in this situation, society is the culprit as well. We understand that our parents wanted to give us the life they never had, but that may just be the problem. We have been coddled from birth in this perfect bubble where we get what we want, when we want.

It’s time we wake up and realize the real world doesn’t spoon feed anyone. It’s a rough place and once you leave the confines of your college dorm or your parents home, you will have a rough adjustment if you think everything is going to be as easy as living at home.

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