‘Sally Yen’ in big trouble

(The Star) – A FACEBOOK posting has caused a stir among Muslim netizens over its alleged insult to Prophet Muhammad and Islam, Utusan Malaysia reported.

The provocative posting, in Bahasa Melayu and written by a “Sally Yen”, has drawn the ire of users of the social network everywhere.

It has especially angered the Muslim community.

They warned “Sally Yen” that she could stir trouble by writing something she knew little or nothing about.

Following the uproar, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had directed police to investigate the matter and to hunt down the actual writer behind the posting.

He said that anyone insulting Islam, or any other faith, with the intention of creating enmity were liable to be hauled up in court and prosecuted for sedition.

Parti Cinta Malaysia vice-president Huan Cheng Guan said he had lodged a report against “Sally Yen” over her “insolent posting” at the Perai police station in mainland Penang.

Huan said he had also set up a “sensible and ethical group of cybertroopers” to monitor comments on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs that touched on racial and religious sensitivities.

He said the troopers would focus on Chinese postings.

“There are more insults and incitement of hatred in the Chinese social media,” he said.