Protesters gather in front of Parliament, cops ask group to disperse (Update 1) 

(The Star) – A small group has gathered in front Parliament, ahead of the swearing-in ceremony of MPs on Monday.

Police personnel stationed at the entrance to the House to monitor the situation have asked the group to disperse.

However, the organisers have told protesters to sit on the sidewalk. They have a memo to hand to the Prime Minister, on the issue of the Election Commission being under Parliament.

Police maintaining a close watch at Parliament as protesters gather.Police maintaining a close watch at Parliament as protesters gather.

Those in the group carried banners, calling for the Election Commission (EC) panels to resign and over issues concerning deaths in police custody.

Lawmakers from both sides were seen entering the House.

Meanwhile, activists who had camped out since Saturday at Padang Merbuk nearby, have joined the group in front of Parliament. 

According to The Malaysian Insider: Led by Batu MP Tian Chua, the group are demanding for the resignation of the Election Commission commissioners. 

The group, carrying banners and placards also urged Tian Chua to boycott the swearing in ceremony as a sign of protest against election fraud.