‘Take action before Anwar destroys nation’

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is leading the country to chaos and the security forces should act before it is too late, says a Malay NGO. 

Athi Shankar, FMT

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s post-election politicking has reached a dangerous level threatening to disrupt racial harmony and public order and the security forces should take action, a Malay NGO here said today.

Penang Malay Congress (PMC) president Rahmad Isahak urged the country’s security forces to stop Anwar from ruining the peace before it was too late.

He accused Anwar of being less concerned about national unity and nation-building, but rather being too obsessed and single-minded in grabbing federal power at all cost.

He added that Anwar was now stirring up public sentiments through 505 rallies merely to achieve his selfish political goal.

“The authorities should stop him before it’s too late,” Rahmad said in a statement.

He said the people should know by now that no matter how many 505 rallies were conducted, the results of the 13th general election would not be changed nor the polls held again.

He said the people should reject any attempts to overthrow a democratically-elected government by creating chaos and violence.

He stressed that there were no reasons for the Election Commission (EC) officers to resign as called on by Anwar.

He questioned why Pakatan election petitions were not furnished with solid evidence of electoral frauds that Anwar and Pakatan leaders had claimed in 505 rallies.

If it was true that a sure Pakatan victory was denied by EC through illegal means, he questioned on why Pakatan MPs decided not to boycott the swearing-in of Dewan Rakyat on Monday.

He also asked on why Pakatan so hurriedly formed their state governments in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan if the election was tainted with irregularities as claimed.