Appeals Court: Non-Muslim lawyers can practise Syariah Law in FT 

(The Star) – Non-Muslim lawyers are now eligible to practise Syariah Law in the Federal Territories, following a landmark decision by the Court of Appeal Friday.

In its judgement on the case of Victoria Jayaseelan Martin’s attempt to become a Syarie lawyer, the court ruled that the Federal Territories Islamic Council (MAIWP) had exceeded its powers in rejecting the former’s application on grounds that she was a non-Muslim.

Justice Datuk Seri Abu Samah Nordin, who lead the three-member bench that made the judgement, said the law governing the appointment of Syarie lawyers does not specify that applicants must be Muslim.

“If the intention is to prohibit non-Muslims from appearing in the Syariah Court, that should be expressly stated in the legislation,” he said when delivering the judgement.