Face to Face: Ambiga plans to step down after people’s tribunal


(fz.com) – Bersih co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan plans to step down from her position in the NGO coalition when Bersih has successfully conducted the People’s Tribunal on the results of the 13th general election.

Speaking to fz.com during an exclusive interview on Face to Face, Ambiga, whose name is synonymous with Bersih, said that the whole team will step down after the tribunal is over.
“I think our whole team is going step down after the People’s Tribunal, I’ve been saying this… We believe in rejuvenation, we believe we shouldn’t hold on to leadership. We believe the younger generation and the new people should be given a chance to come in and take over,” she added.
Ambiga sees many promising candidates that can helm Bersih. “And you will be surprised at how many will become synonymous with Bersih, because it’s a people’s movement.”
Although she will remain with Bersih, Ambiga doesn’t see herself as one of the leaders. “It has never been about me… You will only know that a person is capable of leadership when you give them a chance.” 

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