Breaking Rumours – Badawi Arranged Indonesian “Summit” 

Well guess what folks – just received information that it was NOT Zahid Hamidi who arranged the talks in Indonesia between Najib and Anwar Ibrahim. People say it was Abdullah Badawi.
OutSyed the Box
And there was no face to face meeting between Anwar and Najib. Rumour is Indonesian president Yudhyono and his people acted as go betweens. Anwar met Yudhyono in Bali. Najib stayed in Jakarta. Either Yudhyono or an emissary shuttled between them.

The question is the PMO does not deny that Najib was in Jakarta. It was not a State visit. (Because at the same time Yudhyono was in Bali meeting with Anwar.) 

So if it was not a State visit, what was Najib doing in Jakarta? And what was Anwar doing meeting Yudhyono in Bali (which he has not denied either).

I think if the Malaysian Press has any cojones, please ask the PM and Anwar what was their exact itenary in Indonesia. Who did they meet? Why? When? And also throw in the What, where and the how. 

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