Some “Chinese” rule Malaysia now

KTemoc Konsiders

Most of us are more than aware of the current and lamentably ongoing UMNO-instigated rage against the ‘ungrateful’ Chinese, this despite the general election being over. The results are already known and published in concrete where the UMNO-led coalition, being the majority political bloc in power, is back in federal rule for another 5-year term.

Some political analysts suggested that UMNO and its various state, academic, media apparatus and supporters including a former Appeal Courts judge are keeping the rage going as part of the UMNO intra-party manoeuvrings, manipulations and Machiavellian-ism.

There are those of us who have even responded defensively when we needn’t be guilty of that fabricated accusation, though of course I appreciate Pakatan politicians have to for the satisfaction of their outraged constituencies.

While it’s true that there are those in UMNO and their ‘subsidiaries’ who truly dislike or even hate the Chinese, the UMNO membership in general from Dr Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, supra-patriot Ahmad Zahid, etc right down to the (UMNO-favoured) village penghulus are more interested in business and personal prosperity together with their Chinese cronies partners.

As always, it’s ‘business as usual’, but only temporary masked by anti-Chinese diatribes until the pending UMNO party election will be over.

Only those so-called ‘true believers’, on both sides of the political-racial fence, who truly hate the ‘other side’ are the gullible, manipulated and easily duped, and you can bet they have been.

Mind you, this doesn’t meant we should tolerated what are illegal, corrupt or ethically unacceptable, but we shouldn’t be so extreme as to hate, especially in believing the words of politicians as if those are from the Gospels (or Quran or Mahabharata).

We saw a lamentable example of that hatred when Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh was vilified, even as far as the interactive forum of a popular Hong Kong entertainment website.

Thinking about the self-interest driven sandiwara of politicians reminds me of an old Chinese kungfu movie which portrayed the battle forces of two warlords engaged in violent battle over dominance of a province. While the warriors were fighting each other in mortal combat to the death, the two warlords were partying together, dining, yamseng-ing, joking, laughing, and womanising in a private cosy retreat.

Then, during their hedonistic indulgences, they dabbled in the trivia pursuit of a cricket-fighting competition (a popular but profligate Chinese past time since the Tang dynasty). They betted on stakes which required the loser to withdraw from the province their troops were fighting over. The movie showed the total hypocrisy and immorality of the warlords when the side which had just won a bloodied battle over the province, at much cost to its soldiers’ lives and resources, was instructed to withdraw unconditionally because their warlord’s cricket lost.

Yes, they weren’t unlike some modern Malaysian politicians.

Once in Facebook I commented on a friend’s posting about Ibrahim Ali, where I stated the Perkasa Chief wasn’t a true racist, meaning he was a pretend-one, wakakaka – see Malaysiakini’s Ibrahim Ali: I’m not racist!