Toll – Janji Tidak Ditepati 

Now it is almost 5 years later. Can anyone say that this JANJI has been DITEPATI? 

Krishna M Singh 

There is one BN candidate who escapes our notice because we keep gunning for the Big Guns in UMNO. He is Datuk Ir Mohamad Zin now the caretaker Works Minister. In a recent interview with the Mole, he is reported to have said that Pakatan had failed to keep its promises made during the 12th GE. He said that the DAP has not removed the Sungei Nyior toll as promised in GE12 as an example..

You can read the story here:

I have one question for this dishonest man. Is it within the powers to the state government to remove tolls?

In May 2008, this same man as minister said that a toll reduction is under study and the report will be ready in 3 months.

You can read this story here:

Then in July the same year he said that the study has been done and now the report will be studied by a committee on the implications of toll reductions. And you can read that story here:

There was a promise that the toll contracts would be renegotiated so that all sides will benefit. Looks like the terms of the contract do not permit any review. Hence the matter went into complete silence and no one even remembers.

Now it is almost 5 years later. Can anyone say that this JANJI has been DITEPATI?

I have gone to the Facebook page of Datuk Ir Mohamad Zin, Works Minister, and commented “Pembohong”. That is the best I can do to discredit this man. If I was voting in his constituency, he will not get my vote.

Krishna M Singh