Najib, what happens after 5 May? How do Malaysians survive? 

P Ramakrishnan asks Najib what will happen to the poor until the next BR1M they receive. How do the poor carry on with their lives in the meantime?

You have bribed the entire country with your BR1M. You have thrown money recklessly and wantonly.

You did it not because you suddenly became generous; not because you genuinely felt the suffering of the poor; not because you are compassionate and caring for the disadvantaged.

You did it to win the elections! That is all!! That is the simple truth!!!

What will happen to the poor suffering people after the election is over? How are they going to survive without your BR1M?

You promised them RM1,200 next year to induce and dupe them into voting for you. But how do they carry on with their suffering and struggling lives from 6 May until they receive your promised RM1,200 next year?