Guan Eng leaves it to Johor DAP to take action on its deputy chairman

(The Star) – DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng is leaving it to the Johor DAP to handle the matter concerning Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez (picture)  statement urging voters to reject PAS in the general election.

“It is his individual view and moreover he is not a candidate,” he said in a press conference at Taman Nibong Tebal in Nibong Tebal on Sunday.


Don’t vote for PAS, says DAP man

The number two man in Johor DAP has dropped a bombshell by dramatically urging voters to reject PAS in the general election, saying that the state could not gamble and risk its future with the Islamist party.

“I, for one, have finally made up my mind and am convinced that PAS does not deserve my vote,” said Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez.

The senior DAP leader said “non-Muslims must realise that PAS will do what it has set out to do if it gains power”.

“The question for non-Muslims is whether non-Muslims are prepared to risk it all with PAS.

“Johoreans and particularly non-Muslims must think hard and deep if PAS is really worthy of their votes,” he said in an article written for the blog yesterday.

In the hard hitting article, he said “PAS’ unilateral stand and the deep reluctance to be a true partner in Pakatan Rakyat and the unwillingness to subscribe to its ideals let alone agree and accept the common manifesto of PR must be enough to convince non-Muslims the grave danger of risking their votes for PAS.”

When contacted, Fernandez confirmed that he had written the article, saying it was his individual view.

The lawyer has been critical of PAS as he had also written in his blog in January that the “DAP can no longer be an apologist for PAS” and that it “must not be complicit to PAS’ evil plans”.

He had written that the “DAP must realise that PAS is no longer an honest, viable partner of Pakatan and must be courageous to admit it. In 1999, DAP took a courageous stand and once again DAP must take a stand.”

He reminded his members and voters that “the recent events in Egypt must be a reminder to non-Muslims”.

“There, the people’s revolution was hijacked by Islamist and having taken power, the Islamist have moved to subjugate non-Muslims and non-Muslims are fast losing their rights and identity in Islamist Egypt,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, sources close to Fernandez said he was prepared to face the consequences of his article.

They said he had taken a courageous stand on a matter of principle after studying the implications of a PAS-led federal government should PR win the elections.


Fernandez: Segamat surrender an act of treachery

An “act of betrayal and treachery.” That’s how DAP state deputy chairman Norman Fernandez described the surrender of the Segamat parliamentary seat to PKR.

“(DAP secretary-general) Lim Guan Eng must be answerable to party members in Segamat and Johor for this,” he said when commenting on the announcement by PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that Johor PKR chairman Datuk Chua Jui Meng would be the opposition front’s candidate in Segamat.

Norman’s remarks came after the disbanding of Johor DAP candidates’ selection committee, of which he was a member together with state chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau and secretary Tan Chen Choon.

Segamat which has more than 47,000 voters and encompasses the state seats of Jementah and Buloh Kasap, is regarded as DAP’s “traditional” seat in Johor.

Norman said the hand over of Segamat to PKR proved that the decision of the selection team to disband was correct and justified.

It is understood the panel had faced criticism over the way in which the party leadership “parachute” candidates at the expense of diehard local campaigners.

Among those who opposed the move were Johor DAP vice-chairman Ong Kow Meng and Mengkibol assemblyman Ng Lam Hua, who was reported to be dropped to make way for state Youth chief Tan Hong Pin.

Tan, who was earlier slated for the Pekan Nenas state seat, is expected to be moved to Mengkibol to help secure votes for prospective Kluang parliamentary candidate Liew Chin Tong, the incumbent Bukit Bendera MP in Penang.

Norman said Chua had no desire to contest a state seat, proving that he was a state chairman who had neither the confidence nor the gumption to contest any seat allocated to his party.

“Instead, he only covets DAP seats. This speaks volumes about the candidate for Segamat,” he said.

Human Resources Minister and MIC deputy president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam has been the MP for Segamat Barisan Nasional since 2004.

Dr Boo said PKR should give up one of its parliamentary seats as a replacement for Segamat.

He said DAP would only contest six parliamentary seats in Johor compared with 12 by PKR, with PAS taking eight seats.

A total of 26 parliamentary seats and 56 state seats are up for grabs in Johor.

Among the parliamentary seats PKR would be contesting are Johor Baru, Tebrau, Batu Pahat, Muar, and Segamat while Gelang Patah and Kluang would be contested by DAP.