Karpal maintains DAP’s stand on Hudud

(Daily Express) – DAP’s earlier choice to use the PAS logo did not mean the party now agreed to hudud laws being imposed in Malaysia, said party national chairman Karpal Singh.

“PAS allowing us to use their party logo does not mean we have shifted our stand on the establishment of Islamic state or hudud laws,” he said.

Karpal said Malaysia is not an Islamic state but secular, pointing to a landmark decision on the issue by the Federal Court in 1988.

“The introduction of hudud to the legal system would mean one system but two laws, which is impossible to impose,” said the incumbent Bukit Gelugor MP.

He was responding to PAS deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din’s statement that the Islamist party was confident its Pakatan Rakyat ally will accept hudud law because it was willing to contest using the PAS logo.

“Although PAS has said hudud is only for Muslims, the implementation of two systems will cause conflicts and chaos,” Karpal reiterated.

As an example, Karpal said that if a non-Muslim and a Muslim were to be jointly charged for the same crime under the Penal code and hudud system respectively, it would be impossible to have a trial.

He pointed out that the Federal Constitution also does not provide for an Islamic state.

“If PAS wants to amend the Federal Constitution, DAP or PKR will not allow it,” he said.

“I don’t think PAS would insist on amending the Federal Constitution,” he added.