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Then, in 1974, they turned Kuala Lumpur into Federal Territory so that they could ‘kick out’ the Chinese from Selangor and regain their Malay majority in Selangor. Then, in 1978, they turned Shah Alam into the new Selangor State Capital and ‘Malay city’ and from thereon injected Malays into Selangor so that the Malays will always be the largest population in Selangor and the opposition could never again capture that state.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak thinks that just because the Barisan Nasional candidate for Shah Alam, Zulkifli Noordin, has apologised to the Hindus that makes it all okay. Maybe Najib is underestimating the outrage by the Hindus.

There are those who are trying to water down Zul’s crime by arguing that what he said he said when he was in the opposition and not when he joined Umno. Hence it was an ‘opposition crime’ rather than a ‘government crime’, they say. And they further ask as to why Zul was not whacked back then, when he was still in the opposition, and why whack him only now when he joins Umno?

They also argue that Anwar Ibrahim too has insulted the Hindus when he was in the government and he never did apologise until today and they further argue that some of the Hindus have never forgiven him for that insult.

I think this is a weak argument and saying that Anwar also did the same thing does not make what Zul did right. Two wrongs do not make a right, as the saying goes.

In fact, some Hindus say that Anwar’s six-year incarceration is his punishment or karma for making fun of the Hindus. This is terribly unfair and a statement not based on facts or tangible evidence. Anyway, Anwar was never charged for insulting the Hindus but for abuse of power. Furthermore, in the first place, can you even prove that karma does exist?

MIC Shah Alam has made a statement that they will still support Barisan Nasional in spite of the party fielding Zul to contest that seat. It is not Zul they support, said MIC, but Najib. Hence they will still support Barisan Nasional.

Is that the right thing to do? Where are their principles? You mean just to win the general election they are prepared to support Barisan Nasional even though they do not support or like the candidate that Barisan Nasional is fielding? These MIC people really lack morals. No wonder the Indians are always being given a raw deal.

And this is what separates the opposition supporters from the government supporters. The government supporters lack principles. The opposition supporters have very strong principles.

For example, if you do not like Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, R. Sivarasa, and so on, you will not be expected to support PKR or Pakatan Rakyat. If you support PKR or Pakatan Rakyat in spite of you hating some of the leaders in the party you would be seen as someone of no principles. This is how the opposition supporters will look at things, unlike how the MIC Indians look at things.

Would you ever see the opposition supporters demanding that you support the opposition, or condemning you if you do not support the opposition, if you do not support the opposition due to many people in the opposition whom you do not like and who you regard as scumbags and slime-balls?

Definitely you will not support the opposition if you disagree with many of the people in the opposition and/or you despise the actions of these people. To do otherwise would open you to condemnation and you will be called a hypocrite. But these are not the same values that these MIC Indians possess. And that is a downright shame. In fact, it shames all Malaysian Indians.

Last night, Muhammad son of Muhammad spoke about his dream of seeing Shah Alam as the only Malay city in the world. He then lamented about Shah Alam’s ‘lack of spiritual character’, and said that this is his ‘failed ambition’. The man with two Muhammad’s in his name also explained that ‘Islam is a religion of cities’. I do not quite know what that means but I assume he meant that Islam is a religion of the ummah, which translates to community.

If you can remember, I once wrote that Islam could be equated to communism. That statement upset many people mainly because they do not understand what communism means. To most Muslims, communism means atheism and anti-God. That, of course, is not what I meant.

The word communism is derived from the word commune. And a commune is a place where people live while the people in that commune are what we would call a community. Community in Bahasa Malaysia is masyarakat and in Arabic is ummah.

Islam is about the ummah. The Muslim community is called Ummah Islam. And Islam makes it mandatory that everything is done as an ummah (even eating if possible where you gain more pahala than eating alone). And Islam encourages you to select your leader from your community (even when you travel where you are supposed to select a leader from amongst the travellers).

Now, is this not what communism also is? Communism has nothing to do with believing or not believing in God. It is about organising everyone into a community within a commune. And this is what the man who eloped with His Highness the Sultan of Selangor’s daughter was trying to say but did not know how to explain it mainly because his knowledge of Islam is very weak (if not he would not have secretly married the Sultan’s daughter and then lie about it).

Okay, so now you understand what one of the most corrupt Menteri Besar of Selangor in history meant by that statement. And he was telling the truth. And I have, in fact, written about this before — about five years ago back in 2008. The idea to turn Shah Alam into a Malay city was mooted soon after the 1969 general election to make sure that Selangor never again falls to the opposition.

First, in 1973, they created a new coalition called Barisan Nasional so that they could ‘swallow’ all the opposition parties and gain back their two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Then, in 1974, they turned Kuala Lumpur into Federal Territory so that they could ‘kick out’ the Chinese from Selangor and regain their Malay majority in Selangor.

Then, in 1978, they turned Shah Alam into the new Selangor State Capital and ‘Malay city’ and from thereon injected Malays into Selangor so that the Malays will always be the largest population in Selangor and the opposition could never again capture that state.

This, of course, can work only as long as ‘opposition’ means ‘Chinese’ in the West Coast and the Malay opposition party in the East Coast never gains a foothold in the West Coast. However, that all changed in 2008 and it was because of a 27-year exercise that started back in 1981 — and which I have already written about before regarding how we ‘exported’ Tok Guru Abdul Hadi Awang into Selangor.

So you see, there was a reason why the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and the State Capital of Shah Alam were created. I know because the late Sultan had to consent to this move and His Highness cried when he had to sign the document to hand over Kuala Lumpur, and later Putrajaya (then called Perang Besar), to the Federal Government.

In fact, many of us from the Selangor Royal Family opposed this move and I actually wrote an article expressing my opposition to it. The late Sultan spoke to my late Uncle, Raja Datuk Redzwa Tun Uda, about what I wrote and His Highness told my Uncle that they would be summoning me to the Palace to scold me for that article.

My Uncle plus many other members of the Royal Family supported what I wrote. They too did not agree to the annexation of Selangor territory and were very unhappy about the whole thing (just like Sabahans are angry about Labuan). Nevertheless, the late Sultan called the family for a meeting to explain what was happening and His Highness told the assembly that the whole matter is a fait accompli and there is to be no more discussion or protest.

Subsequently, I was summoned to the Palace for a ‘meeting’ with the Acting Sultan who is now the Sultan of Selangor. And that is how I came to know the story about the creation of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, the creation of the State Capital of Selangor, Shah Alam, and the creation of Malaysia’s Administrative Capital, Purtajaya.

So our man from Selangor, the ex-Menteri Besar, told us only part of the story when he mentioned his ‘failed dream’ of the ‘Malay city’ of Shah Alam. What he did not add was the fact that this whole thing was to dilute the Chinese in Selangor and isolate them in Kuala Lumpur.

And I have written about this before. Muhammad son of Muhammad just confirmed what I wrote as true.




原文:Raja Petra Kamarudin










打個比方,如果你不喜歡Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, R. Sivarasa等你將不會支持民聯,如果你支持民聯,那你就是沒有原則的。這就是民聯支持者看待事情的方法,跟囯大黨很不一樣。






回教是圍繞ummah,穆斯林社會被稱爲Ummah Islam。回教進而強制所有東西必須以ummah的方式來執行(就連吃飯也應該一起吃,那樣你得到的福報pahala將會比你獨自一個人吃飯更多)。回教教條也鼓勵從你的社會裏選出一個領導者(就連你在旅行時你也應該從一群旅行者當中選出一名領導)





這裡的反對黨當然是指西海岸華人,而他們預測東海岸的馬來反對黨永遠也不能在西海岸立足。但是,這些計劃在2008年失敗了,就僅僅是因爲1981年的一個舉動—-我之前已經寫到我們如何把Tok Guru Abdul HadiAwang‘出口’到雪蘭莪來。



我的皇叔和其他人都很支持我所寫的。他們很不贊同割地和對整件事情都很不高興(就像沙巴居民很不滿納閩島一樣)。無論如何,蘇丹都把我們招入宮來解釋到底發生了什麽事。他告訴我們,這是fait accompli,我們全家人都不能再談及和反對。



這些都是我曾寫過的。而默罕默特的兒子默罕默德 泰益證實了我所講的都是真的。