Najib: The Indians have forgiven Zulkifli 

( – “The Indians have forgiven him,” said BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak of Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin, who is contesting the Shah Alam parliamentary seat under BN’s ticket.

“He has changed. He has apologised for making certain remarks. All that is in the past. There are Indians who kissed Zulkifli already. This is history,” said the caretaker prime minister, in reference to a video which showed Zulkifli ridiculing the Hindu faith that went viral.
During a visit to BN’s election centre in Section 18 this evening, Najib reiterated his support for Zulkifli, praising the controversial Malay rights movement leader. “He knows the inner workings and weaknesses of the opposition, which is good for us,” he added, referring to Zulkifli’s short stint as a PKR member.
Belying allegations that the Shah Alam BN division grass root members will shun Zulkifli during his election campaign, the machinery was seen heavily supporting Zulkifli as Shah Alam BN division members turned up in full force at events held on his campaign trail.
Even Najib noticed the enthusiasm shown by the division members. 
“The support from the Shah Alam division members are high. Congratulations. I am confident BN can win all seats in Shah Alam,” he added.