‘PAS tried to sabotage Chegubard in Sg Acheh’

Supporters of PKR’s Badrul Hisham Shaharin claim that members of Penang PAS youth wing had tried to sabotage the former from filing his nomination papers yesterday.

(FMT) – Trouble is brewing between PAS and PKR over the Sungai Acheh state seat in Penang.

Sungai Acheh is one of seven seats being contested by both PAS and PKR, resulting in a three-cornered fight with Barisan Nasional.

In Sungai Acheh, Badrul Hisham Shaharin, who is better known as Chegubard, will face off Pakatan Rakyat partner PAS’ Mohd Yusni Mat Piah and BN candidate Mahmud Zakaria.

The seat was won by Mahmud in 2008 by defeating PKR’s Dr Azhar Ahmad by 250 votes.

While leaders from PAS and PKR had said that they would resolve this issue in the next couple of days, a close associate of Badrul today revealed the extent of which PAS members had gone to ensure Badrul would fail to stand as a candidate for this seat.

Blogger and an official from Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Edy Noor Reduan, said members of PAS youth wing from Penang had attempted to stop Badrul from filing his nomination papers in Nibong Tebal yesterday.

“The PAS youth members and their voluntary unit members tried to stop Badrul from entering the nomination centre yesterday morning.

“He was also assaulted by these people, his wife and children were shoved…all this so that he would not be able to submit his nomination papers,” claimed Edy Noor. Badrul is the chief of SAMM.

He said that there were many witnesses to this act of sabotage by the PAS members against Badrul.

Edy Noor said after failing to stop Badrul from entering the nomination centre, the PAS members had then tried to spread rumours that the PKR man was contesting as an independent, or that he was withdrawing from contesting.

He said PAS had been involved in this psywar from the very beginning in their attempt to derail Badrul’s chances of contesing for this seat.

“If the same was done by Umno, we would have had a good go at them…but if it is done by our own ally…we are just confused by what’s happening,” he said.