Let There Be War


Always Victory 

An intriguing question about Hindraf is, are they fighting a battle for the poor Indians, or a personal battle or will they lend arms in an eternal Mahabaratha War played out on Malaysian soil.

People once again have an expectancy of Hindraf unleashing Maha Shakti (soul force), for the dance of Shiva, and march with heads held up in dignity, and bring about a swing of votes. But again the question is, which side are they supporting?

Already, they have earned the reputation of “lallang” depending on which side the wind blows. At the same time, we are crying for stiff-spine leaders who can demonstrate the true Hindu spirit. Members themselves are not so happy about the way its leaders are going about it.

50 years of slavery reflected on their faces cannot vanish overnight simply by Najib placing a crown on their head. It is only through self-effort, walking the road of self-determination, learning how to fish instead of asking for fish to eat for a day.

Najib never takes a decision on Hindraf without the whisper of MIC. Hindraf is registered because MIC pushed the buttons to seal the deal, but already is starting to disintegrate and it may come to nothing. Najib will do anything purely to render a Hindraf bomb impotent or better still create a win-win situation to help prop a crumbling MIC.

Pakatan is also afraid they might throw some hand grenades, and tried to seek common ground for reconciliation through social inclusiveness. What is it you can get from BN? They are thieves in every sense and what they will share with you are stolen goods. Give up sulking and be not so easily deluded by Ringgit Shakti, so that its leaders may be free from an undeserving stigma normally associated with snakes. What profit you to negotiate to gain the whole world and lose your own Shakti?

The marginalized minority Tamil Malaysians are no longer sidelined, and they need not align with any side, just like Lynas and Bersih, hold on to solid ground. I suggest you give up struggle and the false sense of struggle and join in the celebration of fighting for our country’s liberation from tyranny.

There is no such thing as an 18-point blueprint, you are not asking for autonomy like Sabah. It is as irrational as your earlier petition to the Queen of England.

It may be a camouflage to get the support you need, an excuse to spite the Opposition, with a pretence that you alone represent the disfranchised. Only when you have a clear mind can you help the Indians out of the poverty trap.

Whoever is worthy of being the Joan d’ Arc among the poor and downtrodden must continue the fight in a spirit of Karma Yoga to deal a death blow on tyrants. A leader who is above scrutiny must be able swear by the Gita, that you will not play out the land of their birth for the sake of personal or communal gains to reinforcing a corrupt Establishment that deserves to be kicked out of office.

Balasundram too swore by the Gita, although he paid the price with death, but now is at peace with God for his conviction. Uthaya was once a hero who paid the price and languished in jail while the Opposition conveniently forgot about him.

And now, from the mouth of God, the Word is spoken:

Uthaya, choose this day whom ye will serve, God or Mammon? Choose if you will serve Krishna in humble hearts of the poor or to help yourself to the temptations of fool’s gold and be forever a despised dog by both BN and Pakatan, the likes of Outcast Hee.

I challenge you to declare to your members, what benefits Najib promised you, for already some idolaters are ready to garland the feet of Najib the same way as you do to Sri Ganesha? Even if you command that stones be made bread, you have lost your credentials.

Yes you Hindus, it is time for action to save the nation! Only Hindus who have read the Gita can understand tretise is a call to right action, The Gita is a tool to liberation of the individual, not only Hindus but all mankind. The Dharma expected from you is not to squabble in a dog fight over some dry bones.

Use the untapped power of the Gita just as the Communist used Mao Tze Tung’s Little Red Book. Make it your goal to put it into the hand of every Hindu. Then, we shall stand shoulder to shoulder without bargaining, in the biggest war on Malaysian soil to save the nation from the Evil Empire of BN.

Hail Hindraf! the answer must come from you:- “there is war”.

Always Victory