GE13: Aishah sings a different tune 

( – “A lot of history will be brought up,” Aishah said. “I’m out of my comfort zone and I will be a punching bag when campaigning officially begins. But people must remember that I’m an “artis berhijrah”, one who has changed her life. If they use my past against me then they are being unforgiving and this strategy will backfire on them.”

WAN Aishah Wan Ariffin faltered slightly when I asked if she would prefer to hold this interview in Kuala Lumpur or Negeri Sembilan. 

“Oh you want to meet in person?” she asked in return, and then apologetically explained that it had since become a little difficult for her to venture out without her security escorts. Perhaps a phone interview would be a better idea?
It was an odd request from someone who has lived under the local and international spotlight for over two decades. But the 48-year-old singer knew that the media glare would be different this time around. 
When she steps out in public during the next three weeks, the eyes that will be clapped on her won’t just be those of adoring fans but also those of political rivals and journalists.
Last week the former vocalist of the now defunct New Zealand band, Aishah and the Fan Club, was announced as the PAS candidate for the Jempol parliamentary seat in Negeri Sembilan.  
Once an Umno strongwoman, Aishah joined PAS in May last year but was caught off-guard when the party’s central working committee broached the subject of her contesting in the GE13 two months ago.
After weeks of self-reflection and interrogating PAS leaders over their motive for choosing her, she was convinced that it was a sound idea. 
“All this while PAS has been viewed as an orthodox Islamic party but our motto now is PAS for all,” she said. 

“So it’s good to have faces that break the stereotype. And it’s good for politics to have people from all walks of life.” 

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