PKR shocked, PAS unveils Sarawak candidates

(The Kuala Lumpur Post) – PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today named the party’s candidates in seven constituencies in Sarawak, but three of the constituencies are also being claimed by Pakatan Rakyat partners DAP and PKR.

The names of the candidates are Abang Ahmad Kerdee Abang Masagus, a lawyer (for Kota Samarahan); Robby @ Muhamad Zaid Tandang, PAS Youth leader (Sibuti); Mohamad Jolhi, a homeopathy practitioner and PAS director of election, Sarawak (Batang Sadong); Ajji Ajiji, a businessman (Igan); Ambrose Labang Jamba, editor of Buletin Kenyalang (Julau); Jurina Mut, businesswoman (Tanjung Manis); and Nani Sahari, a businesswoman (Mukah).

Meanwhile, PKR also claimed Julau and Kota Samarahan, while DAP has named Hai Merawin @ Bonaventure for Mukah.

Hadi said that the list of the candidates has been finalised and had been agreed to by DAP and PKR.

The decision was made in the past few days.

Hadi said that the decision of the party to contest in Julau was to show that the party did not find its candidates in Muslim constituencies, but also in non-Muslim constituencies.

Julau has about 90 percent Iban voters, the majority of whom are Christians.

“We want to show that we have Iban and non-Muslims as our candidates,” he said.

PKR ‘shocked’

But PAS’ decision to contest in Kota Samarahan and Julau is set to clash with PKR Sarawak which has firmly established its roots in the two constituencies.

Last month, over 3,000 people in Kota Samarahan attended a PKR ceramah where party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim spoke at length.

When informed of the PAS decision, PKR chairperson Baru Bian expressed shock and said that he has not been informed of the decision.

“I will find out from Kuala Lumpur, and I am shocked that I have not been informed of the decision,” he said.

He said he had directed Andy Wong, PKR’s potential candidate for Julau to be on standby, pointing out that he might have to contest as an independent.

In Sibu, Wong Ho Leng, Sarawak DAP chairperson refused to comment on the decision of PAS to contest in Mukah.

He had earlier named Hai Merawin to be DAP’s candidate there.

PKR and DAP still negotiating

Pakatan Rakyat has not finalised a number of Sarawak seats such as Mas Gading, Mambong, Sri Aman, Miri, and Stampin as both PKR and DAP want to stake their claim.

So far PKR has announced the names of its candidates for 11 seats that it will contest, and they are Baru Bian (Limbang), Roland Engan (Baram), Joshua Jabeng (Selangau), Thomas Laja (Kanowit), Abun Sui Anyit (Hulu Rajang), Ali Biju (Saratok), Cecilia Siti Una (Betong), Nicholas Bawin (Lubok Antu), Zulrusdi Hol (Santubong), Ahmad Nazib Johari (Petra Jaya) and Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh (Batang Lupar).

Meanwhile DAP has announced Bob Baru (Lawas), John Anthony Brian (Bintulu), Lim Sui Kien (Miri), Oscar Ling (Sibu),  Hai Merawin (Mukah), Ramli Malaka (Kapit) and Alice Lau (Lanang),  Edward Luak (Serian), and Andrew Wong (Sarikei).

DAP has yet to announce the candidates for Stampin and Bandar Kuching, but Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen and Julian Tan are expected to contest the respective seats.

As for the overlapping claims in Mas Gading, Mambong and Sri Aman, Anwar Ibrahim during his recent visit to Kuching that it is expected to be resolved very soon.