Anwar needs to answer the entire Indian community


By Saravanan (Overseas Hindraf Member)

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was given the first chance by Hindraf Makkal Shakti to endorse their 5 years plan blue print. More than 18 meetings were held in between Pakatan Rakyat and Hindraf. Till today the silence of Pakatan doesn’t make any sense about the blue print.

DSAI need to answer Indian voters why he rejected or neglected the 6 points Hindraf blue print demans. Anwar shouldn’t play coward game any longer by using Indian Pakatan leaders and cyber troopers to protect his position. There is a need for Anwar to come forward and say what makes the whole discussion halted and why he stopped the blue print endorsement personally.

The scenario is going very ugly because DSAI continuously using journalist to attack a minority group which fighting for the downtrodden Indian’s rights. Whereas Hindraf leaders are coming forward to answer all the necessary questions in the media. We Indians request DSAI to tear his cowardice mask and answer the whole blueprint scenario truth without any delay.

By Playing politics many Indians will boycott Pakatan Rakyat in the coming up 13th General election. The loser of the game will be Pakatan.

Indians been marginalized by UMNO for 56 years. If Pakatan is really into helping Indians they should safe their election situation from now. We Indians will not loose anything but Pakatan will loose Indian votes. Do not take Indians for a ride.

DSAI please answer us, you been propagating that Malaysia is not practising human rights to foreign medias. Now the 6 points demands of Hindraf is purely human rights matter why are you shying away?

You use to campaign anak melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya dan anak India anak saya. Where is the slogans of anak India anak kamu? If you think Indians are your children you will treat them equally but you are not eager to treat them in that manner.

In Last general election you promised Kampong Buah Pala folks that as soon as Pakatan win Penang the land will protected. But you behaved other way around as soon as Pakatan took over Penang, you played big time politics with Buah Pala Indians. You didn’t safe them till last but you just blamed Barisan Nasional. Pakatan statement was we are not in charge of Putra jaya hard to undo the previous agreement. Now we are asking you a question if you take over Putra jaya will you undo the agreement now ? For the sake of your Indian children.

I personally challenge DSAI to abolish article 153 and other racist policies which been practised in Malaysia. Can you give equal rights to all Malaysian citizen besides ‘mengankat martabat orang Melayu’?

If any Malaysian or coalition read the 6 points demands of Hindraf carefully will understand that it is a Human rights demands. Any Government can endorse it under the provision of human rights. Instead of approving and being straight forward DSAI and Pakatan playing dirty game by flip flopping downtrodden Malaysian Indians life.   Stop making Indians as 3rd class citizen of Malaysia.

My final request to DSAI stop using mandores and cyber troopers  to answer Hindraf´s questions. Please step forward boldly as a leader and explain us why you rejected the 6 point demands.