GE13: Hindraf only focuses on Indians, says PKR man

(The Star) – Pakatan Rakyat has a strong chance of retaining the Bukit Melawati state seat despite Hindraf’s intention to contest there, said outgoing assemblyman M. Muthiah of PKR.

Although Hindraf’s candidacy could lead to a split in votes, he said Hindraf would not be able win the hearts of all Malaysians as the movement only focused on the well-being of the Indians.

“Pakatan does not use the race card to win votes. We do what is best for the people and that is how things are supposed to be,” he said when contacted.

Hindraf announced on Thursday that it would contest in three parliamentary (Kota Raja, Kuala Selangor and Kelana Jaya) and five state seats (Sri Andalas, Ijok, Sri Muda, Bukit Melawati and Seri Setia) in Selangor.