ABU disappointed, says Hindraf ‘courting’ BN

Nurul Iman Dimyati, fz.com

Anything But Umno (ABU), a friendly opposition movement, today expressed their disappointment in Hindraf over its actions that seem to be “courting” the ruling coalition.

“Repent and return to the right path (taubat dan kembali ke pangkal jalan),” ABU spokesperson Haris Ibrahim urged Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy.
Haris said Hindraf’s meeting and discussion of its blueprint plan with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was seen as leaning towards Barisan Nasional.
“We are dissappointed with recent developments of Hindraf. Their recent actions, to us, seems like they are trying to court Barisan Nasional,” said Haris.
ABU said it is standing up for the 40% marginalised Malaysians and the the main cause of that marginalisation was the ruling coalition’s policies.
“These (Hindraf’s actions) cannot be accepted by ABU,” said ABU member Jonathan Jeevan.
However, he said the ABU will still leave the door open for Hindraf to work with ABU. 
“If Hindraf chooses not to, then ABU’s message to Hindraf is very simple – you do not represent all the Indians so do not play Umno/BN race card.”
It was rumoured that Hindraf were sending out SMSes telling Malaysians to boycott the 13th general election.