‘Give us intelligent, rational new candidates’

In the context of continuity and change, it must be remembered that ‘change does not happen in any radical way,’ says an academician.

(Bernama) – SINGAPORE: As Malaysia gears towards the 13th general election, both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have been urged to field new candidates of quality who can work together to deal with the country’s upcoming economic challenges.

Associate professor for the Contemporary Islam Programme at Nanyang Technological University, Dr Farish A Noor said it was vital to remember that “change does not happen in any radical way”.

Farish, a Malaysian, was responding to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

Farish was asked to share his views on how important it was for Malaysia to have political continuity and economic stability.

Whenever politicians talk of continuity and change, Farish pointed out: “We need to remember that change does not happen in any radical way.

“Even PM Najib has said that if there is to be any changes, it ought to be done in a lawful manner, which means that the state apparatus and constitution of Malaysia will remain intact.”

He said this election would therefore witness both sides offering their vision for a better Malaysia, in the form of PM Najib’s economic transformation programme and the opposition’s economy-focused manifesto.

“I’m glad to see both sides are appealing to the economic aspirations of the Malaysian electorate, and I hope that both sides will field new candidates of quality, who can work together to deal with Malaysia’s upcoming economic challenges in an intelligent, rational manner.

“We cannot predict the outcome of the GE, but the economic transformation programme does signal an awareness of the needs and demands of the electorate, in the context of a changing society,” he added.

The dissolution of the 12th Dewan Rakyat paves the way for the 13th general election.

The announcement was made on the fourth anniversary to the date of Najib having assumed the post of prime minister.