GE13: Trouble in Raub DAP

(The Star) – Trouble is brewing in Raub DAP, with the party’s division resolving to appeal against the central leadership’s decision to field former Umno assemblyman Mohd Ariff Sabri for the Raub parliamentary constituency.

They want party leaders to reconsider their preferred candidate, Tengku Zulpuri Raja Puji Shah, whom they claim has been active on the ground for several years.

“We will submit our request through normal procedures to the party central leadership. We hope Tengku Zulpuri can stay in Raub,” Raub DAP chief and Tras state assemblyman Choong Siew Oon was quoted by a news portal as saying Wednesday.

An emergency division meeting held in Raub on Tuesday night was attended by 50 local leaders.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng announced on Monday that Mohd Ariff will be fielded in Raub while Tengku Zulpuri would contest in Mentakab, a state seat under the Temerloh parliamentary seat.

The announcement was said to have caught local DAP leaders and supporters by surprise as Tengku Zulpuri had been active in the constituency.

Mohd Ariff was Pulau Manis assemblyman from 2004 to 2008.