LRT job that’s messy, shoddy and unfriendly 

Despite public complaints, work on the LRT extension in the Klang Valley is proceeding with scant regard for safety.

Syed Nadzri, FMT 

Our worst fears about the way the construction of the light rapid transit (LRT) extension in the Klang Valley is going on came true last Friday when a motorist was crushed to death by a falling beam.

A Vijayaingam was passing through the construction site on the road leading to Subang Airport when building equipment being hoisted by a crane gave way and fell on his car.

Another car was also badly hit by the falling beams causing its driver to be seriously injured.

Whether the accident could have been averted or whether there had been breach of duty of care is for the courts and the legal experts to decide. But work on the project has been shoddy.

The contractor, according to news reports, has been suspended by Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd, which is undertaking the extension work on behalf of the government.

But what is most worrying to the ordinary folk is the utterly messy work that has been going on, with almost complete disregard to the convenience of others. You hear the complaints every day.

A few days ago, the concrete fencing of a house in SS18, not far from where construction was going on in full swing, collapsed as a result of the vibration of the drilling.

And just hours before last Friday’s most unfortunate incident, another lament was heard – from no less than a person about to perform Friday prayers. So do take note, contractor and the authorities.

The person was furious that the contractor, in carrying out his job, had completely sealed off the middle span of Persiaran Jengka, denying pedestrians to cross the street from SS17 to get to Masjid Darul Ehsan in SS15.

He was not alone of course in expressing disgust.

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